Renewable Energies

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Our expertise is targeted for the renewable energy sector and in particular in the search of opportunity, M&A, contract management and development project.
TBMF Consulting brings all these technical and managerial competences as a project manager to support its partners in the development of activities in cogeneration, green waste recovery, equipment production and industrial processes.
Through its operational missions, TBMF Consulting advises customer and manages the strategic expansion in order to improve business activities.

Advice CEO, develop and improve vs the company strategic plan investment and facilitate its implementation in a process of the development projects.

Look for core competencies in business strategy, M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) and global intelligence in high-level project management.

Analyze, optimize and work in research business opportunities.

Plan, document, consolidate, present and report team activities

Manages the transition of operational functions, interfaces and manages project risks

Governments and political institutions have launched the energy transition, within the framework of COP21, to tackle climate disruption and greater energy independence. The objective is to increase the share of renewable energies in our energy consumption to 32% by 2030, to determine the sectors, the opportunities and the strategy to be put in place ...

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