Dedicated Services

Fueled with challenges

If you are researching specific operational services for your business development or project management or contract improvement, TBMF Consulting can help you to solve problems and support you on the following services dedicated on contract or project management :

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Work with customer or suppliers on difficult problems in contract management and industrial project through challenging problems.

Manage complaints (supplier or customer) with complex problems as technical or financial.

Internal negotiation or with the customer the claim and the contract progress.

Manage, advise and control all difficulties that others try to solve.

Help you and advice on project modifications, front end of the remediation project: conducting investigations, managing risk, critically evaluating the adjudicator's report, managing complaints and re-allocating orders according to responsibilities and costs, optimize the organization vs. actions to be implemented.

Analyzer the impact of REX feedback from some issues on future contracts or project end. Follow study and collaborate with the costing, sales, purchasing and engineering teams to optimize decision making.

Manage, improve and monitor contract amendment with preparation of particular terms and conditions, financial schedule follow-up vs. in and out cost controls and project P&I.

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