Contract Management

Challenges for fuel

TBMF Consulting has been managing contracts in the energy sector for more than 30 years at different functional levels. We make every effort to meet targets. We consider it essential that our commitments be carried out.

EPC Contract “turnkey”
Design-build contract
M&A Consultant "Merge and Acquisition"
Proposal and contract negotiation

EPC Contract “turnkey”

TBMF Consulting manages your international contract management activities such as EPC (Engineering, Supply and Manufacturing). We support the client in the phase of preparing the submission of the offer to the phase of elaboration of the special conditions including risk management, business planning and contractual negotiation.
Our expertise in FIDIC contract management "Silver Book" allows you to be quickly operational from the start of the development project.

Design-build contract

TBMF Consulting provides these skills in the management of international contract of the type "Yellow Book" Conception and Construction for follow-up activities as "Engineer" or Administrative engineer of the contract.
Our expertise is based on the implementation of a management tool according to the contract Nuclear, Paper, or part of industrial equipment requiring analysis and a complex follow-up with multiple actors, multicultural, multidisciplinary and multi-site.

Merge and Acquisition M&A

If your interest is optimizing your asset portfolio, TBMF Consulting can assist you in our efforts to identify appropriate objectives or potential buyers and assist you in the due diligence. We rely on market knowledge such as our customers and partners to solve technical, economic, operational and legal challenges.
TBMF Consulting performs confidentiality analysis for submission of acquisition and merger files to international clients. He manages these activities upstream of the projects, through target search, linking and managing interface and negotiation milestones.
TBMF Consulting organizes and supervises upstream sales or purchasing processes through the provision of services.

Proposal and contract negotiation

We approach these activities as one of the key points of a successful contract. All these operational and organizational phases, preparation, analysis, quantification, submission, management of negotiations and understanding of each party, all in a multicultural environment, will facilitate the signing of the contract and its realization in Good conditions.
TBMF Consulting will intervene and advise you in these different phases in services.