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Nuclear Power Plant - TBMF

For 10 years TBMF Consulting has focused its expertise in the support and development of industrial projects in the construction of equipment dedicated for primary circuits, safeguard circuits and auxiliaries important for nuclear safety of civil power plants EPR, and also specific equipment for defense and naval research centers.

Our know-how in position of commercial management, bid and project management, risk assessment for international contracts, and procurement process for EPC project.
In our missions, we manage or help team as the head of projects management especially for turnkey complex projects.
Also, we advise in a relevant and understanding way and optimize interfaces processes, included control management expertise, procurement follow-up and CODIR.

Our services are pragmatic. We manage customer contracts or RFQ in total confidentiality.
We start our actions before or during the execution of the projects, in the strategic phases, before kickoff, analyzing the organization, put in place witness points, as well as in procurement logistics for key components and action plan with control. During operational follow-up we follow risks and manage specific blocking points, as well as during Amendments, in the claims phases and in the guarantee periods in order to improve the financial results.

Nuclear Power Plant Project - TBMF

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