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TBMF Consulting is a reliable partner for the optimization and development of your business. We have a thorough knowledge of the regulated energy sector for manufacturers and end-users.

We assist you efficiently in RFQ’s management, preparation file and submission offer, in contract analysis and risk assessment, during negotiation phases.

Through targeted actions, business missions and operational and management services, TBMF Consulting has been able to satisfy and meet the expectations of these clients. Especially on research and development projects, optimization of industrial and manufacturing processes for Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Papers and Pharmaceuticals applications.

"Alone we are nothing, together we are unbeatable, to facilitate decision-making"

Our team

Thierry Bonnant-Michel

Head of Business Development

Thierry Bonnant-Michel - TBMF

Thierry BONNANT-MICHEL has 30 years expertise, in industrial project and contract management, in engineering and manufacturing worldwide.

He has two careers as Business Development Manager on behalf of leading international companies and as R&D Project and Contract Manager.

In these missions, he assists these clients to the right execution and aligns strategies, objectives and emphasizes organization, risks and opportunities.

In addition to his academic background and master’s degree, he has experience and interacts with his network of partners in the complex contract management of the regulated energy sectors, including research, targeting, RFQ analysis, bid preparation, contract management until the signature of the final certificate of acceptance for Civil, Military, Renewable, Pharmaceutical, Special Paper and Nonwovens applications.


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