Risks Management

In Projects and Contracts - Fueled with challenges

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The energy markets and manufacturing companies in the sector operate in an unstable environment, which is difficult to control and are subject to strong competition. You have to stay competitive, anticipate, innovate effectively. There is no innovative project without taking real risks.

As experts in the management of projects and risks associated with them, we are the ideal partner if you encounter an operational difficulty in the realization of your contract and you do not know the risks incurred or do not know how to control them.

Obtain added value or competitive advantage through risk management, used them into an improvement tool and develop business opportunity to improve margins and resources effectively, this is the proposed challenge...

Controlling and optimizing the performance of the company, contracts and projects

For more than 15 years, TBMF Consulting advises and manages the risks of projects and contracts, on behalf of major international groups, industrial and manufacturing companies

We have developed a know-how and tools to highlight the relevant elements to improve your financial situation, allowing you to evaluate progress, map and monitor risks, for a precise management of the contract and the project based on the company's strategic business targets and financial data.

Project follow-up

Planning, juxtaposition of interventions
Visible targets, tasks, ...
Monitoring and anticipation of risks
Application of rules and standards of the company
Approval and validation reports

Project organization

Mastery of phases, milestones and release dates
Organization of actions, deliverables, control and progress follow-up
Team motivation

Risk management tools

Analyze the criticality, the problems and evaluate them
Mapping and diagnosing risks
Strengthen priority decision-making
Anticipate and avoid
Curative actions

Actions plan vs Targets
Helping decision-making choices
Management of the REX of the contract and / or project
Management of the claims and end of contract file
Promote the evolution of the scope of activity and improve communication