Project Management

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TBMF Consulting provides project management services, and includes for projects funded under European programs.

TBMF Consulting assists the employer in the implementation of the CAPEX investment plan budget and / or the implementation of the contract with the client. The activity may include the entire duration of the implementation of the project or an investment accomplishment, and some of its parts. It may also include :

Preparation of application documentation for project financing

Management and control of the management of investment projects, management and control of project management

Preparation of tender documents, evaluation of tenders and selection of participants in the investment project - Designer, Manufacturer, Consultant, Supplier of machinery and equipment

Representation as Engineer or Project Manager or Contract Manager for the operational works and follow-up of the EPC or CAPEX investment project

Industrial project development is a high-risk process.

Improvement actions and preparation will be necessary against the potential risks and problems for a project development. We have acquired the experience to manage and develop international business project of industrial equipment and process for energy sector, rotating machines, HVAC chillers, air system and process, including for nonwovens and special papers.

Feasibility study

In a growing business, with the wish to develop or innovate through EPC project or CAPEX investment project, the "best practices" request to carry out a feasibility study before signing the contract. A set of documents, deliverables for decision-making should be done.

TBMF Consulting accompanies the decision-maker from the feasibility study to the final review of the risk assessment documents.

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Research & Development of the product and / or process project

Developing a product and / or a process does not mean taking all risks or failing to analyze them. The management process to put in place requires a technical, managerial and operational competence with a good knowledge of business markets. TBMF Consulting support, manage or train managers or technical engineer in the best practices to develop products or industrial process P & ID.